These 10 Wedding Gift Ideas Won’t Betray Your Sapa Status


It’s the end of the year, AKA wedding season, and everyone plus their entire family is getting married. First off, how are you people funding weddings in this economy? 

That’s their business, TBH. But if your friends are getting married, it means you have to attend weddings and give them gifts. In other words, money is leaving your account. How do you manage this without showing your poverty or going bankrupt? Your pocket will thank us for these ten gift ideas.

Your mother’s pots

Every Nigerian mother has a bottomless store of ancient kitchen utensils. Just take one and give the couple.


Ever been to a wedding where the groom starts crying profusely at the sight of his bride? Your gift will definitely be the most thoughtful one.


Don’t shout yet. We don’t mean pay their rent. You can save them rent by offering to have them live with you instead. Three of you may go hungry, but a gift is a gift.


Like our Sunday school teachers drilled into our heads, prayer is the master key. If they’re creative with it, they can take your prayer to mean car keys, house keys, etc. You get the drift.

Relationship advice

Everyone knows the best relationship advice comes from single people, so go ahead and gift them from your wealth of breakfast experience.


We all know spoons are the first to get lost in a Nigerian home. You’re looking out for them and making sure they never have to eat rice with their hands.

Mug set

If you can’t afford the customised ones, just get ordinary white mugs and use a marker to write “His” and “Hers” on them. Too much sense.

Image source: Rae Dunn

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Aso-ebi is already your ticket to attending the wedding. But in this economy, buying the aso-ebi is also equal to gifting the couple. We don’t make the rules.

Your partner

Hear us out. You’d be helping them keep their marriage spicy right off the bat. Sounds like a great gift to us.


As long as you put the money in an unlabelled envelope and just squeeze it into their hands, they won’t know you’re the one who gifted them ₦2k.

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