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Introduction. The shorter story “A Very good Guy is Really hard to Come across” stands as the American Southern Gothic author Flannery O’Connor’s most disturbing function of fiction. “A Fantastic Gentleman Is Difficult to Uncover” is the title get the job done of O’Connor’s debut assortment of short stories which appeared in 1955, and the piece remains her signature brief tale (Kinney one).

Short Summary of “A Excellent Person is Hard to Discover”The motion of “A Superior Guy is Tough to Come across” depicts a loved ones vacation gone terribly awry. On a highway trip to Florida a loved ones from Atlanta come upon a homicidal escaped convict whom the media dubs The Misfit. The Misfit and his henchmen execute the whole loved ones and steal their clothes, vehicle and cat.

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O’Connor tells the tale from the stage of check out of the grandmother. rn”A Very good Guy is Really hard to Come across” Theme Evaluation. rn”A Fantastic Gentleman is Challenging to Come across” centers on two themes: selfishness, and individualism. Effectively the grandmother’s insistence on achieving her personal selfish finishes final results in the demise of her complete loved ones, as effectively as the loss of her individual daily life.

This essay analyzes the story’s thematic message in regards to selfishness, individualism and its effect on the spouse and children as very well as the larger neighborhood, as represented by The Misfit. rn”A Good Man is Tough to Locate” Character Assessment: the Grandmother.

O’Connor identifies the primary character – the grandmother – only by role, though all of the other character she provides with names. Despite acquiring no title the grandmother’s character reveals by itself early and profoundly she is obsessed with appearances, related to a vague Southern https://www.reddit.com/r/essaywriterbay/comments/10gsllj/trustmypaper_review/ previous, and anxious with propriety and the benefit of being a woman. O’Connor describes her “navy blue straw sailor hat,” her “collars and cuffs [that] were being white organdy trimmed with lace” and “purple spray of cloth violets made up of a sachet” that the grandmother pins at her neckline to ensure that “in case of an accident, any one seeing her dead on the highway would know at at the time that she was a girl” (O’Connor two). Behavior smart the grandmother is a selfish female who intentionally manipulates her relatives to fit her have needs unapologetically and with impunity.

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She intentionally misinforms her son Bailey about her cat, Pitty Sing, which she smuggles into the auto underneath her “major black valise that looked like the head of a hippopotamus,” even however Bailey has expressly forbid the cat to share the motel room with them (O’Connor 1). Pitty Sing afterwards delivers about the fatalities of the complete relatives adhering to the car accident and ensuing experience with The Misfit.

The grandmother’s pride and inflated perception of self value, not to point out her failing memory, convey about the family’s downfall. On waking up from a nap in the vehicle, the grandmother promises to recall a plantation dwelling from her youth. Even however she is aware of that her son Bailey “would not be keen to lose any time hunting at an old house…the additional she talked about it, the a lot more she wished to see it after once more and find out if the minor twin arbors were being still standing” (O’Connor 5). Her son’s reluctance, in her intellect, continues to be a easy impediment to triumph over in her desire to get points carried out her way. Even even though Bailey’s “jaw was as rigid as a horseshoe” in reaction to her goading, the grandmother does not relent (O’Connor five).

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